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Oculus Browser Guides and Troubles

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Oculus Rift Guide
Windows Mixed Reality
SteamVR Guide

Supported VR Headsets

Confirmed Headsets
  Oculus Quest, Quest2
  Oculus Go
  Pico 4 (no hand tracking, no AR)

Possible Headsets, may not work for you.
  Windows Mixed Reality
  Oculus Rift(S)

Controller Calibration (Laser,Twohand mode)

This process is for the program to know your comfortable wrist angle

Button Maps

Choose a matching controller to your device

Otherwise, analog sticks are not going to work.

Using Menu

hide menu button on the sky

If menu button is hidden,
Hand tracking user can access menu by this gesture without the button

Repeat Sex Feature in VR Comics and VR Standing Girls

Repeat Sex button will show when it is possible to use. It repeats only the sex parts of the animation.

Graphic Detail Adjustment

Light Effect
- Turning off Light Effect gives a bit of frame rate boost

Dynamic Shadow
- Turning off Dynamic Shadow gives a large frame rate boost

– Find a best trade-off resolution for you

Oculus Browser Guides and Troubles

What is Web VR?   (or WebXR to be exact)

Fixing Oculus Browser Permission

👉 This is the site permission

Oculus Rift or Quest AirLink

1) Set OpenXR runtime to Oculus. Turn on Unknown Sources. image
2) Go to Oculus Home's Desktop mode, open Chrome/Edge browser and open WebXR page. (or open WebXR page in non-VR mode, and go to VR later)   image

This method is tested in Rift S.

*You can do the web browsing inside VR with this method.

(this method was verified on 2023-8-1 using my Quest AirLink)

Windows Mixed Reality(archived)

*This device is no longer verified (checked for the last time on 2021-8-17 with full windows update)

As I experienced, WebXR was frequently broken by Windows updates, but it eventually came back every time. So I suggest you don't give up if you want WebXR in Windows Mixed Reality.

Windows Mixed Reality Image Guide -Tested on Samsung Odyssey.

*Single controller deadlock - WebXR won't start with only one controller. Always start with both controllers.

** You may encounter the OpenXR Fix message like this. You have to "fix it" to run WebXR. Skipping this will cause the "WebXR error" in the game start page.

(the reason for this symptom is SteamVR fighting for the control of OpenXR)

SteamVR (archived)

*This method was verified using my Quest AirLink on 2023-8-1.

1. Set OpenXR to SteamVR

2. Choose a matching controller to your device

Otherwise, analog sticks are not going to work.

3. Run by Chrome Desktop Browser

Open Chrome Desktop version,  open WebXR page,  click "Go VR" then wear headset.